I'm a Digital Designer
and Art Director
based in London.


I’m passionate about digital technology and believe in innovation and creating memorable interactive experiences. I have 12+ years experience in the digital industry working with a wide range of international brands to deliver projects from concept to user experience and visual design.

Having studied Interactive Media in Vienna, Melbourne and Helsinki I graduated in 2004 with the “MA in New Media” from Aalto University of Art and Design, a leading Scandinavian design university.


Future Reflect

I'm intrigued by the idea of the future reflecting into the present. In film the technique “flash forward” is used to anticipate what is going to happen – the future interacting with the present. Designing interactive experiences means for me to be open and catch these glimpses so we can innovate and shape the future of how we interact with technology.


+ Music – I can’t imagine a day without
+ Travelling
+ Art
+ Photography
+ Fashion
+ Yoga, running, surfing

I sometimes take pictures of doors and think about the stories behind them...


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